Solarpunk Magazine run by crypto bros?

“Thanks for sharing your opinion. The fact is, the solarpunk community is divided over the issue. Lots of people in the community think they’re bad, lots think they are very solarpunk. Many are somewhere in the middle and want Etherium 1/” — solarpunklitmag
“to clean up and do NFTs in a less energy intensive way, which is entirely possible. Gambling So what. Propaganda? Everyone uses propaganda lol. Greed yeah. But getting rid of NFTs won’t eliminate greed. Let’s organize against the root causes instead of swating at flies.2/” — solarpunklitmag
“Hey quick question. How many of you yelling at us and calling us names are doing it from a smart phone or other device that doesn’t use rare earth metals mined by slave kids in the Global South? And how many of you are going to act like that doesn’t matter? I’ll wait.” — solarpunklitmag
“Selling our magazine in a capitalist market could encourage people to do bad money things too. And we’re an online magazine. Every time you read anything we write you’re burning fossil fuels. And every time you read a print book your killing trees.” — solarpunklitmag
“Cool thanks for coming and instructing the trans, queer, and BIPOC folks who run this magazine how to do Solarpunk and conversations and learning correctly loll” More deflection. At no point did we object to their identities, only their platforming crypto. Another person who replied said they were also queer and trans and found Justine Norton-Kertson’s tweet offensive and tokenizing. The Co-Editor in Chief went further: “I’m a queer trans person too so lots of kudos to both of us. No offense bu



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A.E. Marling

A.E. Marling

Past writer of card names and flavor text for Wizards of the Coast and current member of SFWA. Magic: the Gathering player for over twenty years.