“Progressive” Consulting Firm Blocking Affordable Housing

Alan Marling
2 min readAug 12, 2022

Hypocritical Red Bridge Strategies claims they support affordable housing, but they are helping local plutocrats do the opposite. The consulting firm put a “progressive” spin on a campaign designed to delay affordable housing in Livermore. Here the NIMBY litigation is so deplorable that the Attorney General called it out.

“We won’t stand by when CEQA is used to thwart development, rather than to protect Californians and our environment,” AG Rob Bonta wrote August 9th.

In an earlier ruling against the NIMBY’s, Judge Frank Roesch said their CEQA argument was “utterly without merit.”

Now the same special-interest groups and their plutocrat backers are trying to buy-out the City Council and bully our city clerk into breaking the law. In comes Red Bridge Strategies, run by Jen Snyder and Avery Yu. They are helping plutocrats Joan Seppala and Jean King gaslight citizens, who know that California needs affordable housing.

Rather than say they’re blocking the Eden Housing Project, “Move Eden Housing” promises to build it bigger and better, elsewhere. It is a lie. The city doesn’t own the alternative land, and even if it did, trying to relocate the affordable housing would delay it by at least half a decade. Housing is a matter of social justice, and justice delayed is justice denied.

“Move Eden Housing” is a harmful lie, projected onto the office building of The Independent, which plutocrat Joan Seppala sends to every Livermore residence to spread her propaganda
projection on the office building of The Independent, a newspaper owned by one of the plutocrats

It gets worse. Move Eden Housing is backing an illegal referendum, to delay the affordable housing. They hired signature gatherers to lurk outside supermarkets. Again, they didn’t tell people what they were signing would kill affordable housing. Instead they said, “Would you like to help house the homeless? Sign here.”



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