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  • Jennifer DellaZanna

    Jennifer DellaZanna

    Jennifer Della’Zanna is a medical writer by day and a historical fiction writer by night. She loves to write about everything!

  • ALK Alters

    ALK Alters

    ALK Alters makes pretty Magic: the Gathering card alters on Twitter (@altersalk) and writes pretty good words about Magic: the Gathering he hopes. He/him.

  • Craig Stone

    Craig Stone

  • Angela Lampkin

    Angela Lampkin

  • Adam Alexander

    Adam Alexander

  • Renée Teyssier

    Renée Teyssier

  • Matěj Jan Morávek

    Matěj Jan Morávek

  • MTG Veteran

    MTG Veteran

    Retired Magic The Gathering (MTG) player for over 20 years. Stories from my past, decks building and analysis and advises for beginners.

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